Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The dog that's scared of Signs

I can now imagine you all saying What? How? Well let me take this chance to show you, but first you need to meet Tyler.

Believe it or not I have over 1000 Pictures of him so I had to narrow it down to only a few. 
Tyler is a five year old Red Merle Border Collie although he prefers you know him as a five year old human. We got Tyler when he was born (by accident) the pup we had originally had ended up with a problem with her leg and where we were it was just not safe to have her so she went to another home that is alot safer for her and she is really happy. The day my mum had to give him back was pretty sad and she sat and cried at the table, Tyler was the only dog that didn't have a home yet and while she was crying at the table he crawled over and lay on her foot and stayed there. Tyler had chosen us. 

Tyler is the sort of dog that always wants to please and for some odd reason knows exactly what your about to say before you actually say it. He can also roll over with two hand signals. We class Tyler also as a therapy dog although he has had no training to make him this way, my little brother has many conditions including Autism, Dyspraxia, ADHD etc. and Tyler is there to comfort my mum and myself when things get hard. But he's also around for my brother. My brother also has a condition called parasomnia (a sleep disorder) this means he can wake up in the middle of the night screaming because he is having a night terror and he will get up and it will be real to him. But when he is about to have one of these night terrors Tyler will go through and lie at my brothers bedroom door which is a warning to us that it's about to happen. 

So he seems pretty good and brave? Right?


This afternoon I decided to take Tyler on his usual walk which is roughly around three miles long. Half way on our walk I noticed one of these on the other side of the pavement...

Then I started noticing Tyler acting weird, as we started to cross the road he began weaving, it was as if he was taking part in a ski-ing slalom, he weeved in and weeved out refusing to take his eyes of the sign that was ahead. Then when we reached the other side of the pavement he refused to walk past it so we had to take a wide berth around the sign, all this time Tyler was watching it. As soon as we'd passed it his walk got slightly faster until we were a good distance away... So yes, My dog is scared of signs.

But thats not the only thing he is scared of, another day that we were walking it was quite wet but had stopped raining. We were walking passed a puddle just as a bus when through it, so you can imagine

Ever since that day, if a van, bus, lorry or any large vehicle is about to pass us Tyler will move around me so that i'm closer to the puddle than him. I guess he's pretty smart in that way. 

There have probably been so many things that Tyler has done and has made me laugh but that would take to long and I think this post is pretty long so I hope you have enjoyed meeting Tyler and I will see you in my next post 

~ Jamie-Leigh

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Magical Postbox

This image does not belong to me but the editing was done by myself

You may all be thinking since when are postboxes magic, well that's what I used to believe until 

2 December 2012.
I was out walking with two of my friends and after my walk I always walk one of them back up to her house because it means I have to walk more because I love walking. As we were going up the hill towards where she lived I glanced over and saw this really nice car, me being nosy little me I decided to look again and I noticed the Passenger of the car. My eyes seemed to lock when I seen him, he was absolutely gorgeous; I couldn't stop staring. Then, there was a sudden Bang and as I stepped back to see what had happened I could hear my two friends laughing and I was staring at this bright red thing and no, not one of those little postboxes on the side of the street. It was one of the massive ones that are impossible not to notice. It just appeared out of nowhere, no warning or nothing just a sudden bang! and even now it still sits in the exact same spot ready to pounce. I never looked back to see if the guy in the car had noticed, if he had then i'm sure it would have made his day. I just ran to the end of the road until I was out of sight, luckily he was going in the opposite direction. 

It's fair to say i was completely embarrassed and now no one will let me live it down. But I must add, it was one of the
funniest moments of my life and even thinking back at it now I laugh.