Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Magical Postbox

This image does not belong to me but the editing was done by myself

You may all be thinking since when are postboxes magic, well that's what I used to believe until 

2 December 2012.
I was out walking with two of my friends and after my walk I always walk one of them back up to her house because it means I have to walk more because I love walking. As we were going up the hill towards where she lived I glanced over and saw this really nice car, me being nosy little me I decided to look again and I noticed the Passenger of the car. My eyes seemed to lock when I seen him, he was absolutely gorgeous; I couldn't stop staring. Then, there was a sudden Bang and as I stepped back to see what had happened I could hear my two friends laughing and I was staring at this bright red thing and no, not one of those little postboxes on the side of the street. It was one of the massive ones that are impossible not to notice. It just appeared out of nowhere, no warning or nothing just a sudden bang! and even now it still sits in the exact same spot ready to pounce. I never looked back to see if the guy in the car had noticed, if he had then i'm sure it would have made his day. I just ran to the end of the road until I was out of sight, luckily he was going in the opposite direction. 

It's fair to say i was completely embarrassed and now no one will let me live it down. But I must add, it was one of the
funniest moments of my life and even thinking back at it now I laugh.

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